Technique and Expert Product Application

Proper preparation and paint application technique are two essential contributing factors to flawless and fail-proof product application, and the overall presentation and quality of a paint service.

Mike & Son’s Painting Ltd. always ensures that all surfaces are properly prepared prior to the application of any paint or product. This includes, where required, power washing or sanding surfaces prior to product application. Steel surfaces might be shot blasted, sandblasted or soda-blasted, when required. Grinding or shot blasting of concrete surfaces prior to coating may be required.

We utilize expert application techniques, as well as the best-suited equipment and materials, to achieve the finished presentation and function specified for each project. Materials are always applied according to manufacturer recommendation, and the requirements of the project in question.

When appropriate, our professionals use high-volume spray paint application.  This method is highly efficient and produces a fine flawless finish. Conventional brush and roller technique is utilized for projects where this method is preferable or required.

Mike & Son’s Painting Ltd. specializes in Level 5 paint primer and finish application.  Level 5 is the highest level finish, and it is the most effective to provide a uniform and flawless paint finish.  Level 5 is applied when the best paint finish is required, such as under critical lighting conditions, or when high sheen finish paint is specified for the project.  It should be noted, that in order to achieve a true Level 5 paint finish, gypsum board should be installed to Level 5 specifications.

Mike & Son’s Painting Ltd. is capable of completing work to building exteriors, including high-rise building exteriors, as well as interiors where access is difficult. Our paint application specialists utilize appropriate equipment when required to access the surfaces to be painted, in order to complete projects efficiently and safely. Some of the equipment used to elevate personnel and/or materials when required include: ladders, scissor lifts, boom lifts, scaffold, swing stage, high rigging equipment, and vehicle mounted aerial devices.

Job sites and surrounding surfaces are always properly prepared and protected. If necessary, surrounding surfaces and structures (not meant to be painted) will be covered and protected, so that they are not damaged. We always ensure that job sites are left clean, organized, and free of any hazards.

Mike & Son’s painting Ltd. makes job site safety a priority at every project. We use appropriate protective equipment, take recommended safety precautions, and use equipment and materials as recommended by the manufacturer - to ensure that the site remains free of hazards and safe for everyone in it.   Our painting professionals are trained to work from heights safely.

Paint And Paint Products That We Use

Mike & Son’s Painting Ltd. can assist you to choose the best paint products to suit the specifications of your project. We have extensive expertise in the use and application of a wide range of paint and paint related products.

Our professionals can assess the surfaces in your project/facility and recommend a product that best suits the surface and it's function.  Factors we consider when making product recommendations include: how the space will be used, what type of surface it is being applied to, the surrounding environment (temperature, elements, weather it will be exposed to), and site conditions (exposure to elements, temperature, moisture, etc.).

Some of the products/materials we use, include:

  • Latex based paints
  • DTM Paints
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Stains and varnish coatings
  • Dry fall paints
  • Low emission coatings
  • Vinyl Wall paper